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    Frequently asked questions

    • Who are you and how you can help me?

      I’m Monika Łyżwa and I’m an aesthetic medicine doctor. I do treatments in Cracow (Poland). I see my Patients at my office located on Kaczary 5 Street, Cracow.

    • How can I book an appointment?

      You can schedule an appointment by clicking on “Book Online” at the top of the page. Next you choose a treatment and date which suits you the best. If you’re not sure of the procedure – pick the aesthetic medicine consultation. You can also call me directly on the phone: +48-694-068-198

    • Which treatments are available?

      The list of treatments I do is quite long 🙂 I specialize in treatments with the use of Botox, hyaluronic acid & fillers, platelet-rich plasma and lifting threads. I don’t only treat wrinkles and take care of your good looks. Solving problems like hair loss, bruxism, scars or ace is my bread and butter 🙂

    • Botox or fillers?

      Both 🙂 Botox is a prevention from getting new wrinkles. With hyaluronic acid we fill wrinkles and deeply hydrate your skin for a long time. If you want to know what I recommend for you – schedule a visit at my office, because every Patient is different.

    • Is doing aesthetic treatments safe?

      Absolutely yes. Media trough a long time created various stereotypes on wrinkles filling, lips enlargement and Botox. If a treatment is performed by a professional, a chance to get complications is minimal. There’s nothing to be afraid of!

    • I’ve never been to aesthetic medicine doctor. Which treatment I should do?

      Every Patient is different, so the final decision should be made together with a doctor in the office. If you want to start really carefully, you can choose e.g. platelet-rich plasma or mesotherapy. There are many options, and everything can be decided on the consultation for your particular situation 🙂 .

    • Am I going to look exaggerated after the procedure?

      NO. Modern aesthetic medicine aims to slow down the aging process while maintaining natural looks. We – doctors – take care that a Patient feels good with himself. Your good feeling resulting from improving your looks is our no.1 priority!

    • How much does Botox cost? And much is for the fillers?

      The prices depend on the area we treat. Botox injections start with 250 PLN. Price for hyaluronic acid is 1200 PLN / 1ml. Depending on the treated area (and Patient’s needs), required volume of fillers may vary. For reference I present below how it usually looks:

      lips: up to 1 ml

      tear trough: up to 1 ml

      face volumetry: 1-2 ml

      chin: around 1 ml

      jaw: 1-2 ml

      smoker’s wrinkles: up to 1 ml

    • How to prepare for a treatment?

      Long story short – define and name your problem. Secondly, make sure what’s your available budget, since treatment possibilities rely on that. Thirdly, decide how much time you have until getting maximum results.

    • Are aesthetic medicine procedures jeopardize my health?

      NO. Main goal of aesthetic medicine is to take care of young and healthy look, which is directly connected to having healthy organism. A doctor would never recommend you a treatment which brought harm to your organism. Before the treatment it’s crucial to have a medical interview, to know Patient’s health and qualify him for adequate treatments.

    • Does my skin need a treatment?

      If you’re over 25 years old (and sometimes even less), aesthetic medicine is just the thing for you. Actually, on every stage of your adult life your skin can benefit from well selected treatment. I will make sure to provide treatments adequate to your age.

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