Botox – corners of the lips

Price: 600 PLN
  • Treatment duration:

    10-15 min

  • Anesthesia:

    No anesthesia

  • Physical activity:

    After 3 days

  • First results:

    After 3 days

  • Permanence:

    Up to 5 months

  • Recommended no. of treatments:



  • Drooping corners of the mouth
  • Sad look of the face
  • Desire to correct lip line


  • Some diseases: Miastenia Gravis, Lambert-Eaton syndrome, multiple sclerosis

  • Some antibiotics (aminoglicosides)

  • Allergy to any ingredient of the injected formula

  • Infections, cold sore

  • Inflammations in the treatment area

  • Cancer

  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding

Treatment summary:

Botox injection for the corners of the mouth is a procedure for anyone, whose face looks sad and unhappy due to the drooping lip line.

During the procedure I inject Botox into the muscles responsible for lowering mouth corners. The formula weakens these muscles, which put bigger role on antagonistic muscles. This result in a slight lift of mouth corners and more appealing and friendly look. During the procedure I inject the formula to both sides of the mouth. It takes just a few minutes and is not painful.

After the procedure:

Botox gives first results after a few days, while full results come after 2 weeks. When the muscles get slightly weakened you may expect a lift of the mouth corners. As a result you get natural effects. Through this procedure it’s possible to reduce unappealing face expression caused by this issue.

14 days after the procedure we meet again for a free of charge check-up. If there’s a need to add Botox then, it’s also included in the first price.

Thank you.

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