Laser skin lesions removal

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  • Treatment duration:

    10-15 min

  • Anesthesia:

    No anesthesia

  • Physical activity:

    After 3 days

  • First results:

    After a few days

  • Permanence:


  • Recommended no. of treatments:


Available soon


  • Skin lesions qualified for removal
  • Moles
  • Red moles
  • Cherry hemangiomas
  • Pigmented moles


  • Tan

  • Skin diseases (e.g. vitiligo, psoriasis)

  • Using cremes with retinol

  • Photosensitizing drugs

  • Herpes

  • Pregnancy

  • Cancer

Treatment summary:

Laser skin lesions removal is the treatment for everyone who has lesions qualified for a removal by dermatologist.

During the procedure we point laser’s light towards the mark we want to remove. The doctor adjusts laser parameters to particular Patient’s condition. Laser’s light removes the lesion locally, without affecting healthy skin around. The procedure is not painful and takes around 10 minutes.

After the procedure:

Right after the procedure your skin starts the rebuilding process. After one day you may expect a scab, which falls off after a few days. As a result you get new skin tissue, without lesions. Two weeks after the treatment we meet again for a free check-up to evaluate the results.

Available soon
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