Mesotherapy for dark circles under eyes

Price: 600 PLN
  • Treatment duration:

    5-10 min

  • Anesthesia:

    Creme (optional)

  • Physical activity:

    After 1 day

  • First results:


  • Permanence:

    Few months

  • Recommended no. of treatments:

    Min. 3


  • Dark circles under eyes eyes
  • Grey skin under eyes
  • Loose, limp skin
  • Wrinkles under the eyes


  • Pregnancy

  • Infections

  • Herpes

  • Allergy to the injected formula

  • Some cancer diseases

Treatment summary:

This mesotherapy treatment is dedicated to everyone who’s struggling with darks circles under the eyes. It’s a special formula of mesotherapy, which contains plenty of vitamin C, which brightens this area on your face and brings back healthy and young look.

During the treatment I inject the formula using needle into the skin under eyes. It’s takes only a few minutes and for your comfort it’s done under creme anesthesia.

After the procedure:

A few minutes after the procedure you can expect first results. Full results will come after a few days. For a few hours after the treatment your eyes may be a bit swollen – before the formula gets absorbed. For the maximum results it’s worth to repeat this treatment (3 times in total) in 2 weeks intervals. After 14 days we meet again for a check-up… or for a second treatment ;) .

Thank you.

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