Aesthetic medicine consultation

Price: 400 PLN
  • Time of consultation:

    45 min

  • Treatment on the same visit:

    Yes, possible

  • Price of the consultation when you do the treatment the same day:

    0 PLN

When to come in for a consultation?

  • When you want to do some treatment, but you’re not sure which one
  • When you want to find out what to do to improve your look
  • When you want to check whether aesthetic medicine is for you
  • When you want to ask a doctor what to do for your aesthetic problem
  • When you have questions regarding various treatments

How the consultation looks like:

On the consultation we will have all the time you need.

You’ll learn how the aging process works in your case and what to do to make it a bit slower. We’ll also check whether you have tendencies to get particular types of wrinkles. If you wish, we can discuss skincare topics as well. When everything is clear and decided, we could go for a treatment – also on the same visit. In such case, the consultation would be free of charge.

After the consultation:

After the consultation you’ll be rich in knowledge about your skin. If we decide to do a treatment, you’ll also track and look for results :) . Two weeks after the treatment we meet again for a free check-up to evaluate the results.

Thank you.

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