Botox – forehead wrinkles

Price: 700 PLN
  • Treatment duration:

    10-15 min

  • Anesthesia:

    No anesthesia

  • Physical activity:

    After 3 days

  • First results:

    After 3 days

  • Permanence:

    Up to 5 months

  • Recommended no. of treatments:



  • Wrinkles on the forehead
  • Strong mimic muscles on the face
  • Prevention from getting new wrinkles
  • Reduction of visible, existing wrinkles


  • Some diseases: Miastenia Gravis, Lambert-Eaton syndrome, multiple sclerosis

  • Some antibiotics (aminoglicosides)

  • Allergy to any ingredient of the injected formula

  • Infections, cold sore

  • Inflammations in the treatment area

  • Cancer

  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding

Treatment summary:

Botox is a preventive treatment. It’s a perfect solution for people, who want to prevent from getting deeper wrinkles on the forehead.

At the beginning, I examine your tendency of getting new wrinkles in that area. On this basis I choose an appropriate way of treatment. The goal is to have natural results and prevent from creation of new wrinkles. During the procedure I inject Botox directly into forehead muscles for gentle weakening. The procedure takes only a few minutes and isn’t painful.

After the procedure:

Right after the procedure you may experience some reddening in the forehead area – because of the injections, which diminishes within minutes. Botox starts working after around 3 days since the treatment. Full results are expected after 14 days. The results should last up to 5 months, which mostly depends on your organism.

After the treatment you may count on less wrinkling in the treated area while making faces. That will prevent from getting new wrinkles. Moreover, Botox slightly smooths wrinkles you already have. 2 weeks after the first appointment we meet again for a free check-up. If there’s a need to inject something extra, it’s included in the initial price.

Thank you.

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