Platelet-rich plasma and fibrine – scars and stretch marks treatment

Price: 1400 PLN
  • Treatment duration:

    15-20 min

  • Anesthesia:

    Creme (optional)

  • Physical activity:

    After 1 day

  • First results:

    After a few weeks

  • Permanence:


  • Recommended no. of treatments:

    Min. 3


  • Scars after surgeries or cuts
  • Acne scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Scars after skin marks removal
  • Stretch marks after pregnancy


  • Infections

  • Herpes

Treatment summary:

If you suffer from scars (even very fresh!) and stretch marks you’d like to get rid of – that treatment is for you. It’s also a great choice when you have various allergies, because the treatment is 100% natural.

During the visit we take small volume of blood from a Patient. Then we extract platelet-rich plasma. The plasma is filled with rejuvenating ingredients, which we then inject into the scar/stretch mark area. This provides the skin with extra boost for healing.

After the procedure:

First results appear around 4 weeks after the treatment. You may count on faster scar recovery, smoother skin and more toned color. The procedure should be performed min. 3 times for the full result. Final results strongly depend on the type of scar or mark we treat. After the first visit we meet again for a free check-up or… next treatment :) .

Thank you.

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