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Below you can find interactive video (PL only). With this you can find a treatment to your aesthetic problem. I ask you a few questions and then propose a solution. You make your choices by clicking on the buttons, which appear on the screen. Click on the video below and have fun!

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Treatments - Polynucleotides NucleoFILL – skin stimulation - Botox – smoker’s wrinkles - Botox – migraines and headaches - Botox – crow’s feet - Botox – corners of the lips - Botox – excessive sweating - Botox – gummy smile - Botox – bruxism (teeth grinding) - Botox – frown lines - Botox – forehead wrinkles - Polylactic acid Sculptra – skin stimulation - Calcium hydroxyapatite Radiesse – neck rejuvenation - Calcium hydroxyapatite Radiesse – skin stimulation - Hyaluronic acid – nose correction - Skinbooster – lips hydration without enlargement - Hyaluronic acid dissolving - Hyaluronic acid – face volumetry - Hyaluronic acid – lips modelling - Hyaluronic acid – tear trough and nasolabial folds - Lifting threads – lifitng without a scalpel - Revitalizing threads – skin rejuvenation - Lipolysis (fat dissolving) – chin and face oval - Collagen – scars and stretch marks therapy - Mesotherapy for dark circles under eyes - Mesotherapy for the head – hair rejuvenation - Mesotherapy – skin rejuvenation - Mesotherapy Skinbooster - Platelet-rich plasma and fibrine – scars and stretch marks treatment - Platelet-rich plasma and fibrine – skin rejuvenation - Platelet-rich plasma and fibrine – hair strengthening - Laser wrinkles reduction - Laser hair strengthening - Laser eyelids lift - Laser skin discolorations treatment - Laser peeling - Laser scar reduction - Laser acne reduction - Laser blood vessels closing - Laser skin lesions removal - Laser tattoo removal

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